Dom Kennedy * Yellow Album Review

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One of my favorite projects of the year so far.
This mixtape is so smooth. So player … excuse me “playa” … (before y’all fools think I’m not hip). It simply sounds like Summer and, well … shit … it is Summer (good timing Dom). My Type Of Party is the anthem for a lot of folks life right now, and I don’t blame ‘em. When I first heard it I hit the mean slow bounce …

Something should be said for the dope production on this tape. The names might not catch your eye initially, but the production is something special.  DrewByrd (“1:25″ “Gold Alpinas” feat. Rick Ross , what up OPM) and DJ Dahi (My Type Of Party, P + H) did some damage, while Chase N Cashe (salute Surf Club) produced the banger “We Ball” featuring Kendrick Lamar. Dom got shown some love. He also knew what he was doing by making a good portion of his subject matter about the ladies … touche’.

Dom got this one right. He even threw in two double songs (please check PG Click and listen to the whole song, the first part is pretty meh though, you’ve been warned). If I get a chance, I want to ask him two questions. One. Why is this sh*t so player .. … playa? …  and two .. What’s next?

Rap Haterz Score * 4 Outta’ 5



GALLERY: BAPE Men’s and Ladies Fall * Winter 2012 Lookbook

Here are a few shots from the A Bathing Ape Ladies and Gent’s Fall / Winter 2012 Lookbook (via Hypebeast)


VISUALS: Black Dynamite * Adult Swim (Trailer)

We’ve already got the Boondocks (thank you BasedGod) and now Adult Swim brings us something new to enjoy in the form of Black Dynamite …

The cartoon is inspired by the 2009 black exploitation spoof movie “Black Dynamite” and has the same voices as some of the characters … should be another hilarious cartoon for Cartoon Network.

Airs Sunday July 15th as part of Adult Swim Sundays.


Frank Ocean ‘Channel Orange’ Tracklisting and Album Cover


1. “Start”
2. “Thinkin’ Bout You”
3. “Fertilizer”
4. “Sierra Leone”
5. “Sweet Life”
6. “Not Just Money”
7. “Super Rich Kids” feat. Earl Sweatshirt
8. “Pilot Jones”
9. “Crack Rock”
10. “Pyramids”
11. “Lost”
12. “White” feat. John Mayer
13. “Monks”
14. “Bad Religion”
15. “Pink Matter” feat. André 3000
16. “Forrest Gump”
17. “End”

July 17th.

I like debut albums that aren’t feature heavy. It shows that an artist can produce on their own. The Andre 3000 feature should be dope … John Mayer and Earl from OddFuture make an appearance as well.

Jay Z and Kanye West Perform @ Hackney Weekend 2012

When Jay and Kanye come together on stage …
… it becomes one of the greatest hip-hop shows ever. Period.
Jay Z headlines at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend 2012 in London and brings some guests along (including Rihanna).

*Beyonce going ham & cheese when “Niggas in Paris” drops … priceless.