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Dom Kennedy * Yellow Album Review

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One of my favorite projects of the year so far.
This mixtape is so smooth. So player … excuse me “playa” … (before y’all fools think I’m not hip). It simply sounds like Summer and, well … shit … it is Summer (good timing Dom). My Type Of Party is the anthem for a lot of folks life right now, and I don’t blame ‘em. When I first heard it I hit the mean slow bounce …

Something should be said for the dope production on this tape. The names might not catch your eye initially, but the production is something special.  DrewByrd (“1:25″ “Gold Alpinas” feat. Rick Ross , what up OPM) and DJ Dahi (My Type Of Party, P + H) did some damage, while Chase N Cashe (salute Surf Club) produced the banger “We Ball” featuring Kendrick Lamar. Dom got shown some love. He also knew what he was doing by making a good portion of his subject matter about the ladies … touche’.

Dom got this one right. He even threw in two double songs (please check PG Click and listen to the whole song, the first part is pretty meh though, you’ve been warned). If I get a chance, I want to ask him two questions. One. Why is this sh*t so player .. … playa? …  and two .. What’s next?

Rap Haterz Score * 4 Outta’ 5



VISUALS: Curren$y ft. 2 Chainz – Capitol X The Stoned Immaculate Review

Official visuals for “Capitol” featuring 2 Chainz. The Stoned Immaculate is out now on iTunes.

Return of the winners circle.

In what Curren$y describes as his “first studio album,” he didn’t disappoint. It’s still the same ‘Spitta’ … same lazy but deliberate flow with captivating wordplay, same content … but the sound seems bigger, perfected. It’s like all the mix tapes and street albums led to this one point for Curren$y to give fans his craft perfected.

Credit should be given where credit is due. Curren$y crafted his lane and stayed in it; nobody is doing it better right now. To simply call it “weed rap” would be a smack in the face to ‘Spitta’ so we’ll call it Cannabis Rap Excellence. He uses weed as a gateway to speaking on his own desires, goals and dreams. It also helps that the album goes so perfectly with lighting one up (at this point weed and Curren$y projects go hand-in-hand, call it synchronization).

Pharrell (“Chasin’ Papers”), Wiz Khalifa (“Jet Life” ft. Big K.R.I.T and “No Squares”), 2 Chainz (“Capitol”) … those are the standout features and they all add to the album’s quality; bringing their own style while meshing with Curren$y’s.

Die-hard fans will be pleased with The Stoned Immaculate and new listeners will find tracks to bump. I’m excited to see the J.E.T.S brand continue to expand (especially with the development of Young Roddy as an artist). “N*ggas is beast hype, tryna be like, what we write .. Ain’t nuthin but that JET Life.”

*Favorite tracks* “Armoire” “No Squares” “Jet Life


No Church In The Wild Review

Directed by Romain Gavras (who also directed what may be the best video of the year “Bad Girls” by MIA), the video for Kanye and Jay’s single “No Church In The Wild” is pretty dope. Jay & Ye don’t make an appearance in the actual video, and neither does Frank Ocean or The Dream, but it does include a lot of powerful imagery.

To me it resembles the riots in London that took place last summer. Some people suggested the Occupy movement on Wall Street in NYC that Kanye had a small interest in. Regardless, the video shows protesters throughout Prague (where the video was shot) fighting police in a battle for the streets. The videography for ‘No Church’ is amazing. Simple as that.

Am I the only one that thought of the “Run This Town” video after watching this?