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VISUALS: Black Dynamite * Adult Swim (Trailer)

We’ve already got the Boondocks (thank you BasedGod) and now Adult Swim brings us something new to enjoy in the form of Black Dynamite …

The cartoon is inspired by the 2009 black exploitation spoof movie “Black Dynamite” and has the same voices as some of the characters … should be another hilarious cartoon for Cartoon Network.

Airs Sunday July 15th as part of Adult Swim Sundays.



Frank Ocean ‘Channel Orange’ Tracklisting and Album Cover


1. “Start”
2. “Thinkin’ Bout You”
3. “Fertilizer”
4. “Sierra Leone”
5. “Sweet Life”
6. “Not Just Money”
7. “Super Rich Kids” feat. Earl Sweatshirt
8. “Pilot Jones”
9. “Crack Rock”
10. “Pyramids”
11. “Lost”
12. “White” feat. John Mayer
13. “Monks”
14. “Bad Religion”
15. “Pink Matter” feat. André 3000
16. “Forrest Gump”
17. “End”

July 17th.

I like debut albums that aren’t feature heavy. It shows that an artist can produce on their own. The Andre 3000 feature should be dope … John Mayer and Earl from OddFuture make an appearance as well.

VISUALS: Raider Klan & SpaceGhostPurrp Diss ASAP Mob

Saw this over at XclusivesZone . Very interesting . Not quite time to take sides in this beef yet, but we’ll keep a close eye on this one.

(UPDATED) Frank Ocean * channel.ORANGE 7.17.12

channel.Orange 7.17.12.

Frank Ocean previews a new song off his new album? Is it actually an album? Why does he love BMW so much? Why do we have so many questions left unswered?! Whatever the case may be, the “channel.ORANGE 7.17.12” plug at the end points to the upcoming release of Frankie’s debut album under Def Jam. Although the intentions are unclear as of yet (the video released randomly in the middle of the night), the title does look a lot like his previous album “nostalgia,ULTRA.” However, does any artist announce an album release just one month before the drop?

The video is directed by Nabil (“Mercy” video) and appears pretty ambiguous. The song is pretty dope, and leaves us wanting more. Be on the lookout for more news regarding this update.

UPDATE: Def Jam announced that this is his debut album and will be available everywhere July 12th. He will also be going on tour and tickets are available now … (Click the picture to find tickets on his website)

Frank Ocean – Pyramids

Frank Ocean Friday continues. After announcing a July 17 release date for his Def Jam debut Channel Orange and a North American tour, the singer-songwriter gives us the first single “Pyramids,” which can be heard in the video teaser. His Odd Future cohort Tyler, the Creator called it his “FAVORITE FRANK SONG EVER. EVER. EVER.” Listen to the 10-minute track below. – Rap-Up


Lupe Fiasco Releases Food & Liquor 2 Date

Lupe Fiasco released the date for Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1. The highly anticipated sequel to 2006’s Food & Liquor is due on September 25th, according to his Facebook page.

We expect this album to return Lupe Fiasco to the ingenious artistry brought with his first two albums. Many considered Lasers, Lupe’s third studio album, too commercial and it was a disappointment to many fans.

“It’s the Lupe Fiasco that I want to be without the industry constraints, without trying to please the hardcore fans or the new fans. It’s just me, what I would do for myself, if nobody every heard it. This is the kind of music that I would make. It’s a masterpiece.” – Fuse

Check out the single “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)

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