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INTERVIEW w/ Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s: Karlie Redd

We took some time to catchup to Cash Money’s new crown jewel; Karlie Redd. Actress, model, director (she holds a film degree in directing and producing), and musician, Karlie seems to be a quadruple threat. Pay Attention!

I see you set-up our interview time in Pacific Time, do you currently live on the West Coast?

Yeah I am here now, but I’m on the move a lot. I move from Los Angeles to Miami to New York.

How did Cash Money find you?

Well, my current manager, who is the manager of radio play for Cash Money artists, found me on a cable music channel. You know the ones that play nothing but music all day [laughs]. He contacted me after he heard a song that I had in the Top 5 for several music categories (urban, latino, and reggae) and we got straight in the studio from there.

Interesting, so what category would you actually place your music in?

Definitely RnB Pop.

You sound like a triple, maybe even quadruple threat! What industry are you most interested in?

[laughs] Why thank you, but it all intertwines. Different areas of entertainment cross paths all the time. We see an actress have a career in music and vice versa. So, I am just interested in being in the entertainment business as a whole.

Who influences your music the most?

It depends on what I’m working on. I am huge fan of Celine Dion though, a little random I know [laughs]. I love her whole Falling in Love album, every song!

Okay, next I’m going to name some artists, tell me if you know their music and rate it 1-10 (with 10 being great).

Wiz Khalifa – 5
J Cole – 5
Kanye West – 8
Trey Songz – 10
Keri Hilson – 8
Curren$y – … [laughs] I don’t kinow who that is, but I will look him up now!

If you were on a deserted island and could have only one CD to listen to, what would it be?

Wayne. Definitely [any] Lil’ Wayne. I love him. I support the Young Money Cash Money movement to the fullest.

Lastly, any words for followers of your career, music, etc. ?

Thank you so much for supporting me! I have been working really … really hard and you’re going to see that. To people who want to be artists, NEVER GIVE UP and ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE.

*Interview took place in 2010


HATERZ LIST: Gameover (10 Rappers The Game Doesn’t Need)

Yung Buck (._.), Birdman (*hand-rubs), and Memphis Bleek (._. ) drop new music?! ALL IN THE SAME WEEK?!!?!! This … is upsetting.

I have nothing against any man or woman creating and enjoying the craft of music. However, I do take issue with these tracks being circulated around the blogosphere because of the name recognition or because they’re part of some network that forces them to do so (there is simply too much talent out there that hasn’t been discovered yet). Who will rise against this evil? Who will live long enough to see himself become the villain? …*slow-motion head nod* hmmm … I think I’m on to something!


10. Iggy Azalea

Okay let’s be real with each other for a second. Iggs’ is pretty damn sexy. She has a booty and she’s Australian. Let’s continue to be real … her music sucks. My little sister (no offense if you read this) has a better ear and she’s not even a teenager yet (or is she? please don’t get offended by that either). T.I did something dumb and signed her, attempting to ride the wave she had going from being on the cover of XXL and a growing internet buzz (this is also the same guy that couldn’t develop Meek, go figure). I’m not going to act like there is a surplus of female talent in rap, but there has to be more than Azalea. (For the record, “rival” Azealia Banks shits on Iggy to a point where it’s ridiculous to compare the two).

9. G-Unit (excluding Lloyd Banks)

I’m surprised at myself for not including Lloyd Banks, but I’ll admit he can still create a banger every now and then. The rest of the gang? Nah bro. Tony Yayo ain’t been poppin since I was doing the “Yayo Dance” in high school. Yung Buck used to be my boy, but come on … and 50? He’s so paid that music is an afterthought. Next.

8. Birdman

I have the most respect for Birdman … *handrubs* … AS A BUSINESSMAN, NOT A RAPPER. Stop it. He’s got enough soldiers in Cash Money and YMCMB. Whatever though, “it’s Bir’man daddeh I fly in inna weatha” …

7. Lil Wayne

Enough. Is. Enough. I gave up wishing that mixtape Weezy would come back, you should too.

*Flashback* W.T.F.

6. Mase

One day you’re a pastor, the next you’re a rapper “making a comeback.” It’s like a sequel of a movie that keeps getting remade. What part of the game is that? How many times are we going to let this happen? You had ya’ chance, you left the game while you were hot … Don’t act like it’s our fault.

5. Soulja Boy

Outside of Zan Wit Dat Lean Pt. 2 (classic, trust me and go listen if you never heard it before), you can take everything else SODMG affiliated and I wouldn’t even be mad about it (besides a couple instrumentals and Gucci’s verse on “Pretty Boy Swag”). Oh and “Donk” too, that’s a classic party track. Girls will forever shake it to that. Soulja is a parasite at this point. He takes other people’s sound and makes tracks with it (Lil B, Gucci Mane, etc.) Nice touch on the iced out remote control car too. I am ashamed, but I want one.

4. Yung Berg & Chingy

I feel as though no explanation is needed. *For your entertainment* … Continuing on …

It’s Hard Saying Goodbye

The next three artists all hold a special place in my life from what they did with their music. I’ll continue in a second …

3. Snoop Dogg

2. Ludacris

1. Jay-Z

Now … before the trolls come out and try to get the government to seize our new site … Let me start by saying that watching these guys still put out music is like watching Michael Jordan play for the Wizards. You understand he’s one of the best to ever do it, you still like watching, but you know the best days are way past him. Honestly, I listened to a new track Luda put out the other day, and I turned it off and put on Chicken and Beer. Has anyone been listening to anything Snoop’s been putting out? … and Jiggaman … he can still do it clearly with Watch The Throne being a certified banger, but do we really need the Blueprint 4? Let’s be real.
I’m not saying the game doesn’t need these three, but as godfathers, leaders, and moguls … not for more albums necessarily.

Just missed the list

1. Nelly – He’s lucky I once saw a video where he swiped a black card through some butt cheeks
2. Mystikal
3. Busta Rhymes
4. Fat Joe
5. Kreayshawn & White Girl Mob (specifically V-Nasty)
6. Jim Jones
… Don’t worry this is just the first list.