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GALLERY: BAPE Men’s and Ladies Fall * Winter 2012 Lookbook

Here are a few shots from the A Bathing Ape Ladies and Gent’s Fall / Winter 2012 Lookbook (via Hypebeast)



Jay Z and Kanye West Perform @ Hackney Weekend 2012

When Jay and Kanye come together on stage …
… it becomes one of the greatest hip-hop shows ever. Period.
Jay Z headlines at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend 2012 in London and brings some guests along (including Rihanna).

*Beyonce going ham & cheese when “Niggas in Paris” drops … priceless.

BAPE X Undefeated Spring * Summer 2012

The “Hawaiian Collection.” I was expecting something greater …

When A Bathing Ape and Undefeated announced a collabo the other day, the internet took notice. This might leave them wanting a little more. No lie, my uncle has like three of those same exact shirts in his closet … yeah, the one who has 3 cats and plays bingo on Tuesdays.

The collection does have a some solid dope t-shirts tho …

The cut & sew pieces feature two different variations of an intricate co-branded print, further applied to shirts, shorts, bucket hats, skate decks and totebags. The collection will hit stores on June 30 via BAPE STORES and Undefeated retailers. – Hype

LOVERZ LIST: Our Fav’ 5 Kevin Durant Sneaker Moments

#ThunderUP . We won’t make it a secret … KD is our guy over here at Rap Haterz. Until recently, the masses haven’t really had an appreciation for numba’ 35’s NIKE footwear. Luckily for you guys, we’ve been on it. Here we’ll give you our Fav’ 5 KD Sneaker Moments and a couple of times when he wore em’ (and just so happened to cook people on the court at the “Samn Damn Time”) …

#5 KD I & KD II “Creamsicle”

The OKC Thunder’s colors are eye-catching (sorry Knicks fans), and it usually has a good effect when it crosses over to footwear. The KD 1 wasn’t a very memorable sneaker, but the creamsicle colorway made it so. That began a history of very “loud” sneaker colors for Durantula and also saw fit to the only other creamsicle release in the two.



Set to be unleashed in Game 1 … saw ’em over at DimeMag and made a late switch in the list. How could I not put the sneaker that could possibly define the rest of his career, a clash of the NIKE Titans in going to battle against Lebron, and up for debate … title of best basketball player on planet Earth. Yes.

#3 KD IV “Galaxy” All-Star Game 2012

Besides being such an icey colorway (with glow in the dark bottoms), KD got his first all-star game MVP and some major respect for a few highlights he made …


#2 KD IV “Year of the Dragon”

Kevin didn’t actually get on the court with these, but the Year of the Dragons need some mention. Details are important folks, and the Year of the Dragon comes equipped with a dope ass box (the All-Star Game 3’s also come with a nice one). The OKC color scheme is also present and makes a point to be seen in this loud colorway.



Ah, the legendary NERF’s. People went ape-shit when these hit the market (and saw KD’s highest grossing sneaker in terms of resale value). Designed after the infamous nerf ball, they are the wildest colorway by far. Did we also mention it comes with a miniature hoop and ball inside the box?


Let’s face it. Rappers love their Givenchy right now. Trends in hip-hop clothing aren’t new, and history has been known to repeat itself (what up Versace!). Let’s take a look at the hot shit in the game right now …

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