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No Church In The Wild Review

Directed by Romain Gavras (who also directed what may be the best video of the year “Bad Girls” by MIA), the video for Kanye and Jay’s single “No Church In The Wild” is pretty dope. Jay & Ye don’t make an appearance in the actual video, and neither does Frank Ocean or The Dream, but it does include a lot of powerful imagery.

To me it resembles the riots in London that took place last summer. Some people suggested the Occupy movement on Wall Street in NYC that Kanye had a small interest in. Regardless, the video shows protesters throughout Prague (where the video was shot) fighting police in a battle for the streets. The videography for ‘No Church’ is amazing. Simple as that.

Am I the only one that thought of the “Run This Town” video after watching this?



Welcome to Rap Haterz!

Welcome to Rap Haterz. Not your ordinary music blog …

We were tired of blog after blog posting the same f*ckin videos and songs over and over … day after day with the same $hitty little comments and generic one liners. So we created this site to give you insightful looks on music while keeping it fresh and informative.

No. We don’t actually hate rap … it’s quite the opposite. The title refers to the way we grade music and videos on a 1-5 “haterade” (gatorade bottle) scale and the general theme of the site. Sorry to disappoint the actual people who hate rap (fuck off).

Unlike other sites, we won’t be afraid to tell you when something is shit or go against the popular opinion. Also we give our viewers a chance to point out the biggest haterz out there and post them on the site. Follow us on twitter @RapHaterz and check out our tumblr!